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Beyond Coal
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Federal and International Climate Campaign
Cool Cities
All over North America, communities are taking action to help solve global warming. From hybrid vehicle fleets in Charlotte, to green buildings in Austin, and homes powered with renewable energy in Seattle, local governments are moving forward with innovative energy solutions that curb global warming, save taxpayer dollars, and create healthier cities. These local leaders are moving North America toward a safer and more secure future. For more information, visit
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Clean Energy Solutions
Green Transportation
Proposals to super-size I-81 threaten the Shenandoah Valley environment. Doubling the size of I-81 will increase noise, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and will destroy hundreds of acres of farmland and forest. The more rational alternative, proposed by RailSolutions is a multimodal railway that will give trucks a more economical and more environmentally friendly ride through the valley. Visit for more information.
Resilient Habitats
Shenandoah Mountain
Shenandoah Mtn is the high, undulating rideline providing the western backdrop for much of the Shenandoah Valley. The threats to Shenandoah Mtn are many. The mountain is subject to loggin, natural gas drilling, industrial wind projects, road construction, and more. To learn how you can help protect the wild legacy of Shenandoah Mountain, contact Friends of Shenandoah Mountain.
Safeguarding Communities