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If you are interested in more information or would like to participate, call Sandy Howson, Political Committee Chair,

How to Get Legislative Information

INTERNET GENERAL ASSEMBLY HOME PAGE ADDRESS (general information and links (This site has been improved and now provides links to Governor's Budget and GA budget amendments. It lists GA member's phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Bills can be tracked from this site.)

LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION SYSTEM (lists bills by sponsors; has other legislative information, including budget amendments)
OFFICIAL VA HOMEPAGE (information on state agencies, all branches of government, General Assembly committee meeting schedules, links to local, federal government websites and agencies)


CONTACT LEGISLATORS You can contact legislators at the House and Senate several different ways. E-mail addresses are listed on the General Assembly website (see above). You can telephone legislators. For delegates, all Richmond phone numbers are: (804) 698-10__; the last 2 digits are the delegate's district number. For example, Del Jim Scott's district is #53, so his phone number is (804) 698-1053. For senators, all Richmond phone numbers are (804) 698-75__; the last 2 digits are the senator's district number. You can also fax them. The House fax number is: (804) 786- 6310; the Senate fax number is: (804) 786-4640. You can also use the toll-free 'Constituent Viewpoint Hotline': 1-800-889-0229. Use this number to call in your position on an issue. Your comment will be relayed to the delegate or senator, but you cannot speak directly to the legislator. For information, call Legislative Information Services at (804) 698-1500. For TTY/TDD services call (804) 698-7419 (Senate) and (804) 786-2369 (House).

What's VaLCV?

You may have heard of the VaLCV and wondered why Virginia and the conservation community need another outfit with an acronym? VaLCV stands for the Virginia League of Conservation Voters. This organization was formed in Spring of 2000 by a small group of individuals affiliated with several of the major Virginia conservation organizations like Sierra Club to focus on electoral politics at the state and local level.

There are many environmental and conservation organizations in Virginia but most of them are 501(c)(3) “charitable” organizations are are thereby legally precluded from engaging in politics. The mission of VaLCV is to preserve and enhance the quality of life of all Virginians by making conservation a top priority with Virginia’s elected officials, political candidates, and voters. VaLCV is the non-partisan political action arm of Virginia’s conservation community.

While most of VaLCV’s emphasis will be on General Assembly and statewide races, they want to work with local organizations to help them become successful in local elections as well. Candidates who support conservation issues can win on those issues if they have financial and volunteer support, something in short supply for many with opponents backed by big developers. VaLCV needs you if conservation is going to win in the elections. Please consider sending your check to help build VaLCV so the base of support will be there when the good candidates need us. Basic membership is $25 per year but anything more will help ensure success. Together we can preserve Virginia’s natural landscape by changing Virginia’s political landscape.

Please mail your name, address, phone, and email information to: Lisa Guthrie, Executive Director Virginia League of Conservation Voters;