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The Living Green Award was created in 2010 to recognize businesses and organizations within the catchment area of RGSC for their environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices.

Presented at the Annual Earth Day Festival in April of each year, RGSC endorses these businesses and organizations and encourages the membership and public to support them as they are working daily to better the environment.


University of Mary Washington Green House, Fredericksburg

Stafford Printing, Stafford



Walnut Hill Farm, Falmouth

Marstel-Day, Fredericksburg



Harvest Market, Spotsylvania



Foode, Fredericksburg

BistroBethem, Fredericksburg



Ten Thousand Villages, Spotsylvania

Hyperion Espresso, Fredericksburg


       2013   Living Green Award Results

The winners of the Rappahannock Group Sierra Club’s Living Green Award presented at the 2013 Earth Day Celebration were Walnut Hill Farm at Elm Spring LLC, and Marstel-Day LLC.

 Winner / Non Environmental Business:

Walnut Hill Farm produces livestock and sells meats.  Among the many actions they take to help the earth are by using Oxen whenever possible and their feet rather than tractors and ATV’s.   Walnut Hill Farms at Elm has class trips and tours of the farm available.

Pasture raised animals raised and sold locally require much less burning of fossil fuels than meats shipped cross country for consumption.   Soil improvement, reduced waste and cleaner water, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions are results of their efforts.  They sell the meats and eggs in Falmouth, so view their website at www.walnuthillfarmva , and then make their healthy and delicious food part of your diet.

Winner/ Environmental Business

Marstel-Day is an Environmental Consulting Business whose own corporate practices make them a model for businesses understanding the urgent need to protect our fragile planet.  They recycle, compost, use rain barrels, chose eco friendly products, minimize their energy use, and overall maintain an internal culture that promotes sustainability.  Marstel-Day is involved in community projects like river clean ups and tree plantings.  They offset our carbon footprint through and educate others through multiple sources; and through their basic business activity.  We recommend a visit to their website at

 Runner Up

Stevenson Ridge ( is a beautiful Lodging and Special event venue that has made environmental responsibility an important part of their operations.  Living Green actions are consistently considered in all of their practices.  The Sierra Club strongly endorses Stevenson Ridge.  The Virginia Green Lodging and Virginia Green Conference links (below) shows why.


John Valvo, Paula Chow & Linda Muller addressing Earth Day participants

Rebecca R. Rubin, President & CEO of Marstel-Day receives Living Green Award

from Paula Chow & John Valvo


Ginny, owner of Walnut Hill Farm. receives Living Green Award from John & Paula.




    The Sierra Club offers hundreds of ways to enjoy a "greener" way of life.Whether it's gardening without pesticides, better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, or working in a greener office space.

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