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Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club
Environmental Agenda for 2014

"Better Piedmont communities through respect for the environment."

Resilient Habitats - Preserve native species and ecosystems. Seek local government recognition of biological resource conservation areas and establishment of protection programs (including conservation easements). Organize outings to natural areas. Support efforts to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides in natural areas.

Clean Energy Solutions - Promote energy conservation and efficiency, renewable sources of energy and recycling. Support a state renewable energy portfolio standard. Oppose new regional nuclear, coal, and natural gas power plants. Support legislation to restrict mountaintop removal mining.

Curbing Carbon - Educate the public regarding steps individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint. Support local government commitments to climate and air quality protection programs.

Green Cars, Fuels, and Transportation for the 21st Century - Encourage alternatives to the single-rider automobile (walking, biking, carpooling, using public transit). Oppose new roads that will intersect public parks, damage neighborhoods or create sprawl. Encourage the transfer of public funds from expensive road building projects to more sustainable forms of transportation and the maintenance of existing infrastructure. Support the formation of a regional transportation authority.

Safeguarding Communities - Support the least toxic solutions for pest management in public and private buildings. Encourage environmentally friendly lawn care through the use of natural fertilizers, composting, self-mulching mowers, etc. Educate the public about non-toxic personal care and cleaning products.

Water Quality - Protect our local drinking water supply and promote conservation measures. Encourage communities to end fluoridation and the use of chloramines in their public water supplies. Support riparian (stream) buffering. Keep the ban on uranium mining in Virginia. Oppose hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for natural gas and oil. Support a responsible stormwater management program to protect local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

Local, Healthy Food - Encourage sustainable production of healthy foods. Educate the public about the advantages of local, organically grown food. Promote direct marketing of local agricultural products. Support preservation of farmland in the Piedmont and oppose policies that discriminate against small farmers.

Sustainability - Promote understanding of sustainable lifestyles. Support development of a vision for a sustainable and just local community.

Equity - Advocate for equitable treatment of all people in environmental decision-making. Support creation of affordable housing.

Population - Support study of the limits to human population growth (including ASAP study of optimum sustainable population size) and applications of findings to public decision making. Support land use planning tools that protect open spaces. Support clustering of residential development in rural areas.

Need to Act - simple steps - Promote public awareness of the need to act now to curb environmental degradation. Inform the public of successful actions and programs to protect the environment. Alert activists about emerging environmental issues. Help elect officials committed to environmental protection.

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Resilient Habitats
Clean Energy Solutions
Curbing Carbon
Clean Water
Reducing Toxics
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