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Dirty Energy Stops Here!

Smokestack by Joe GratzDominion’s Plan: Global Warming & Dirty Energy Starts Here

Dominion is continuing to spend massive amounts of money on yesterday’s dirty energy, rather than invest in Smart Energy Solutions, like energy efficiency and renewable energy that are good for consumers’ pocketbooks and protect our mountains and climate.

Dominion is Virginia’s biggest corporate polluter of both global warming and toxic mercury pollution. Dominion relies on more dirty, destructive coal and nuclear power plants, rather than significantly investing in Smart Energy Solutions, like energy efficiency, wind, tidal, solar, and geothermal.  They invest very little in energy efficiency while planning to deface one of the most historic and protected landscapes in America and contributing to the horrific practice of mountaintop removal.

Click here to learn more about Dominion and its dirty energy plan.

Big Oil's Big Grab

No Offshore Drilling in VirginiaFor nearly three decades, members of Congress and presidents from both parties have been able to agree that our coastlines-- and the tourism and fishing they support-- should not be sacrificed just so the oil industry can make more money.

But now Big Oil is taking advantage of pain at the pump to push for more drilling. 

We can't drill our way out of this problem.  We could drill everywhere in the United States and still not meet our energy demands.  The bottomline: The U.S. has 3% of the world's energy reserves, yet we consume over 25% of the world's production.

We need real relief, not more breaks for the oil industry. By stopping giveaways to Big Oil and investing in clean energy, Virginians can be put back to work, end our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels, fight global warming, protect our beaches and vulnerable coastal communities.

Click here to learn more about preventing drilling off Virginia's beautiful coasts.


Mountain top removal in VirginiaMountaintop Removal

Even as you read this, mountains in Virginia are being blown up, the waste dumped into the valleys, hundreds of miles of streams buried.  Click here to learn more about this horrific practice that Dominion has with its coal-fired power plant only contributed to.


Let's Be Part of the Solution

 Clean Energy Solutions

America leads the way by harnessing the power of the wind, sun, and fuels derived from plants.

America leads the way with energy efficiency.

America leads the way with a new energy economy.

Click here and learn about Smart Energy Solutions for Virginia!

Photo credits: Smokestack by Joe Gratz on Flickr and Norbert Pink at rally by Joshua Low