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Citizens Energy Plan

Citizens Energy Plan |Dominion: Dirty Energy Starts Here! | Cool Communities |Materials | Take Action and Get Involved!

Citizens Energy Plan | Mile-Long Petition For Smart Energy Solutions | Mountain Top Removal | Materials | Take Action and Get Involved!

Citizens Energy Plan

The Citizens Energy Plan is a new vision to help Virginia cut our global warming pollution while creating jobs and building a new energy economy based on conservation, efficiency and clean, renewable energy.

Scientific consensus affirms global warming is occurring and that it is primarily caused by the use of such fossil fuels as coal and oil. Assessments from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predict that unchecked higher temperatures, rising sea levels and more frequent extreme weather phenomena caused by global warming pose some of the most significant threats faced by humanity.

With our legacy of ingenuity and commitment, Virginia is capable of meeting this challenge, but action will be needed by government, citizens, and business alike. As the federal government moves toward carbon regulation, those states currently enacting progressive energy policies will realize competitive advantage in the future and be better able to support growth and provide high standards of living to their citizens.

The Citizens Energy Plan recommends Virginians immediately take action against global warming to help secure our economy, to provide a clean and hopeful future for our children, and to reduce future damage to the state from rising sea levels and changing climate.

In this report, the Sierra Club offers Virginia citizens a vision for a new and clean energy future by:

  • Explaining impacts of the state’s current energy use,
  • Presenting alternatives with the most potential for Virginia,
  • Detailing what to include in a sustainable energy plan.

Download a copy of the report

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